Welcome to the Scott Braid Vocal Studio.

Whether you are an amateur or a professional, Scott Braid can help you to fulfil your true potential as a singer.   Do you want to sing clearly, and with power?  Would you like to sing freely and easily through your entire range?  Whatever your goals, Scott can help you to get there.

You'll feel relaxed and encouraged as Scott guides you towards maximising your vocal abilities.  


"The key is building a strong technical foundation for the voice," says Scott.


"We do that with exercises to enhance the strengths that students already have."


An essential part of Scott's philosophy is to bring out the true, natural beauty of a singer's voice, avoiding anything that sounds forced, manipulated or artificial. 


Scott has helped students gain entry to performing arts schools in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.  He has also coached students to reach the finals of New Zealand's Got Talent.


His students are of all ages, all stages of development and embrace every musical style. Scott has a great ability to quickly diagnose vocal problems, explaining to students how the problems have arisen and the exercises to surmount them. 


"There are a number of common vocal problems in singers," he says.


"A breathy tone when reaching for high notes is one of them.  Some of the others include a ‘flip’ or break at the top of chest register, a shrill or harsh tone, weak tone, pitch problems, and restricted range. 


"A voice that is technically well produced should have no breaks.  Working the bridge/passagio/mix areas of the voice is essential to good production.  It's vital to have  good tone,  correct muscle coordination and balance of air.  This is true across all genres of music. 


"A singer's voice should maintain a connected tone from the bottom, right through to the top.  A lack of connection is evident when, for example, a female singer reaches for higher notes in her chest register, then ‘flips’ into a much weaker, breathy quality, or a male singer is ‘stuck’ in his chest register and can't get into his upper range.


"All of these issues can be overcome."


Scott coaches students preparing for auditions, and for singing and music competitions.  He can coach for singing examinations set by the Trinity College of London and the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. 


Scott also conducts lessons by Skype, with students as far afield as Sweden.  He also has professional recording facilities for those wishing to capture their singing progress. Students can record  individual songs or indeed, an entire album.  Students have also recorded high quality promotional demos.


Our thinking

"One of the most important aspects of learning at my studio is that the environment is hugely supportive," says Scott...


"We have a lot of fun along the way!"